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Great Gifts For Senior Citizens

Senior citizens love to receive gifts just like everyone else. Over the years, they have been generous with their love, their time, and their money, so now it's your turn to show some appreciation.

Most seniors live on fixed incomes from sources such as retirement pay, social security, and interest payments from CD's and their 401k plans. For many seniors, money can be a big concern so they may not be able to afford everything they would like to have.

Being a senior citizen doesn't mean a total breakdown of mental and physical health. Most seniors are strong, vibrant, and are not ready to call it quits. They walk, drive, travel, dance, go bowling, fishing, play golf, and do just about anything they did when they were younger. This makes buying a gift for them fairly easy.

So, as a child or grandchild, buying gifts for your senior relatives and friends can be a big help to them. Your gifts should be thoughtful, practical, and useful. But remember, just because people are elderly doesn't mean that they are senile or too old to enjoy doing the things that they have always done.

Ask grandma and grandpa what they like. You may be surprised by their answers.

(1) Seniors love high tech gadgets just like you, so the next time you see something you like, you may be surprised to find that grandma and grandpa will like it, too.

(2) Gift cards are great for Seniors. This will give them a chance to get out of the house and go shopping for themselves. With gift cards, they can buy things that they really want and can use such as groceries, gas, movies, restaurants, health and beauty products, etc.

(3) Books and magazines are also great gifts for seniors. But make sure that you get the one's they like to read. You can also get them large print editions if they have problems with their eyesight. Large print editions of magazines and books can be purchased online or at bookstores.

(4) A great gift that may mean more to a senior than anything else is a weekly or monthly cleaning service. You can hire someone to come in to clean house and wash clothes periodically. This will take some of the burden off an elderly relative.

(5) As people get older, their bodies seem to lose heat quickly. Blankets, robes, socks, house shoes, sweaters, gloves, sweat pants, sweat shirts, jogging outfits, knitted caps, and scarf's are gifts that will be very much appreciated.

(6) To slow down the onset of alzheimer's disease and dementia, it is recommended that the elderly stay mentally active. This means reading, writing, and doing others things that are mentally stimulating. You can buy them jigsaw puzzles, crossword puzzles, board games, playing cards, knitting tools, fishing gear, and other things that will keep them active.

(7) Exercise is always suggested for seniors. It keeps them active and fit well into their senior years. There are many gifts that you can buy to keep your elderly relatives on the move such as a stationary bike, weights, gardening tools, heated, massaging foot baths, and exercise videos.

(8) A pet such as a dog or cat may be a great gift for an elderly person, especially if they live alone. But if you get them a pet, make sure that they can take care of it properly, or if you can visit on a regular basis to help care for it.

There are many great gifts that are available for your elderly relatives and friends. All you have to do is pick the one's you think they will like the most. Many gift ideas are inexpensive while others may be more costly.

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