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Living Comfortably

As people grow older, they start thinking about the things that they are going to need to make their lives a little more comfortable during their senior years. This bit of news has far reaching implications because, as you get older, your mind and body tends to slow down and the aches and pains come more often and more intense.

As millions of babyboomers start moving into the realm of senior citizenship, many are starting to take another hard look at what their lifelong plans for elder living has generated. Because of economic hardships due to a sagging economy, some have had to tweak their retirement plans while others have had to put off retirement indefinitely.

Their current home may be to big for them or it may be in a location where the weather is cold making it a dream to move into a smaller home or warmer climes, but since the value of their investments, stocks, 401k plans, and the value of their home, have plummeted, they don't have the money to move.

The state of the economy has made many seniors decide to stay put instead of selling their homes to buy in another city or state. They have come to the conclusion that living where they are is convenient, secure, comfortable, and financially more sensible than moving.

Comfort is still a necessity. So the next best thing is to upgrade their current home. This should be done while they are still working and can afford to do it because when most people retire, their incomes drop.

Above everything, safety should be a top priority when making home improvements. As you grow older, it becomes easier to slip and fall, bump your head, or tumble down a staircase. These are just a few things around the home that may cause serious injury.

It is beneficial to make small upgrades that can make your living area safe and sound.

  • Eliminate slippery surfaces and tripping hazards: Install rubber gripping flooring instead of rugs that can shift or buckle. Most injuries to seniors come from slipping or tripping.
  • Taller toilets with easy to clean finishes: This will help you stand more easily and reduce the wear and tear on you from having to clean as often.
  • Handles and grab bars: These should be installed to help with standing and balance.
  • Low step or walk in bathtubs: These can be beneficial to people with back, knee, foot, and leg problems. They also can be installed with water jets for therapy.
  • Multi-spray spa like showerheads: Multi-spray Showerheads are a good source of relaxation and massage therapy.
  • Storage areas: Install waist high pull out draws in closets and other areas to keep from having to bend to find or retrieve items.
  • Wheelchair ramps: This may be getting a little ahead of the game but it can be a valuable asset if you become physically disabled and confined to a wheelchair.

Make sure that all water and electrical fixtures you have installed are low flow and energy efficient. In the long run, they will save energy and money.

It's never to early to start retirement planning because the earlier you start and the more effort you put into it, the better prepared you become and the better life you will live when you become a senior citizen.

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