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Assisted Living

There may come a day when you will need assistance in your everyday living arrangements.

Assisted living is a term used to imply that a person needs help in maintaining or enhancing his or her standards of living while not being totally dependent on someone else. Assisted living arrangements give support in a way that allow people to remain independent and provides them the freedom to live and care for themselves.

Assisted living facilities vary from city to city and from state to state. They can be located in a small home or in a very large facility. They can be an independent living community or located in a skilled nursing facility. Some of the more modern assisted living facilities offer residents their own private apartment.

Most people who need assistance are the elderly who may not be able to handle day to day chores at home, and others who are mentally or physically disabled, but are not totally dependent on someone else to take care of them. Assisted living facilities monitor activities to ensure safety and well-being.

Most assisted living facilities are licensed and regulated by the state they are in. The level of care provided by assistant living communities depends largely on the facility and/or the company or organization that owns and operates them. A trained staff is usually on site all the time to provide round the clock services, if needed.

They offer these services and try to keep their residents happy and healthy as long as they can. Many offer services that are tailored to the needs of individual residents in an effort to ease the transition from living independently at home to living in an assisted living facility.

Most are set up to promote quiet, peaceful, living conditions and they offer programs that are designed to give their residents a lifestyle that is comfortable, meaningful, and healthy. They offer short term respite stays, day care activities, and long term residency.

If a resident has a private apartment, he or she may be expected to clean their own living space, wash their own clothes, change their own sheets, buy groceries, and cook for themselves. There may also be beauty parlors on site or at nearby locations that they can visit.

As individuals age or decline mentally or physically, they may require further assistance with daily living chores such as bathing, dressing, taking medications, and mobility. If these services cannot be rendered effectively, they may require that the resident be transferred to a nursing home or other facility that can assist him or her in a more professional manner.

The goals of assisted living facilities are to enable residents to live as independently as possible, to feel good about themselves, to provide programs and services that give optimal comfort, joy, and dignity.

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