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"The evolution of life is a wonder to behold, we watch our children grow up, as our children watch us grow old."
~John M. Roberts~

There is something mystical about aging, especially from the standpoint of those of who are middle aged and are starting to worry about the lines and wrinkles that are beginning to appear on their faces. Wrinkles and gray hair makes us start thinking about important things, like our retirement, life insurance, wills and family trusts, our own funeral, where we are going to spend the last years of our lives, the type of lifestyles we are going to live in our last years..

The aging process takes it's dear, sweet, time, moving slowly through the minutes, hours, days, months, and years of our lives, doing it's job and never stopping to rest. Life uses time as it's way of keeping our planet, and all the different plants and animals on it, in a constant state of renewal.

One day it suddenly dawns on each of us that our youthful years have passed us by, our children have children of their own, and we can't run anymore. We walk slower and we come to the realization that we actually do have patience.

We wake up every morning wondering if we look any older than we did when we went to bed last night. Yes, you start paying attention. You actually watch yourself grow a little older each time you look in the mirror. Your hair starts to get a little grayer, and then it starts to thin. Your skin takes on a different look, unlike the youthful, vibrant sheen that it had just a few years earlier.

After you turn 50, how old you are hits you like a ton of bricks. You are actually 50 years old, going on 60. You start thinking about those acquaintances that you've outlived. They would have been your age if they hadn't died. And friends and relatives start dying more often than you care to acknowledge.

You think about it, but you can't worry too much because you have come to realize that death is meant for everyone, and you are no exception. There is no way to stop the aging process, unless you count death as the grand finale, which it is.

The aging process is an amazingly beautiful transformation of life that starts at conception. Every living thing ages, even if it lives for only a moment or lives for hundreds of years. Aging is a living gift that moves and breathes and feels and, along with all of God's other magnificent creations, it is truly a wonder of nature.

As we know it, aging is very complicated to explain, but it is done in such a seemingly easy, unnoticeable, effortless manner that we don't actually feel it as we go through life, although we do feel some of the side effects such as the aches and pains that come with it. In other words, we know very little about the aging process and we don't know how to stop it. All we know is that it happens, it's beautiful, and we have no choice but to live with it.

Even though aging has been studied since man first realized that, barring an accident or an untimely illness, he was going to die from old age, no one has ever come up with a viable or definitive answer to the questions concerning it. The study of aging is an ongoing process because most of us would like to stay young and healthy for as long as we can.

Throughout the ages, there have been people who actually thought they had the answers, or they knew where the answers were. We've all heard about the fountain of youth. Imagine that! Someone actually thought that there were fountains of water that could prevent people from ageing. Was that wishful thinking or what?

The best solutions that anyone has come up with so far for adding more years to our lives is the fact that we have to pay attention to the way we live. It has been proven that the lifestyles we chose have a definite effect on our health and well being. We have to eat the right foods, exercise, quit smoking, drink moderately, take recommended vitamins and minerals, and we have to stop stressing over things that we have very little or no control over.

Most people want to live as long as they can, age gracefully, and live their last years in as much comfort as they can. They definitely want to become senior citizens and they want to be around their loved ones as long as possible. They want to do some of the things that they dreamed about doing when they were young. They want to travel to exotic places, play golf whenever they want, sew, knit, and quilt, spend time with their grandchildren, and they want to continue making a positive impact on the world for future generations.

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