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You Can Travel The World When You Read

I've traveled the world twice over, 
Met the famous; saints and sinners, 
Poets and artists, kings and queens, 
Old stars and hopeful beginners, 
I've been where no-one's been before, 
Learned secrets from writers and cooks 
All with one library ticket 
To the wonderful world of books. 
~ Anonymous ~

You can travel the world by reading, and you never have to pack a suitcase, get in a car or an airplane, leave your home, or spend your time thinking about where you want to go. All you have to do is pick up an interesting book, open it, read and relax, and let the world come to you.

Reading opens the door to places that many people can only dream of going to and if by chance you do happen to get there one day, if you've read about it, you already have knowledge about it that will make the trip more interesting and enjoyable.

Think of all the great cities and small towns, mountains, rivers, oceans, deserts, parks and monuments and other places that you have read about. Reading about them makes you want to go and see first hand for yourself, but you can't physically go to see everything. But then again, you can read about them and enjoy the knowledge you get from the words.

There are so many interesting places around the world to read about and learning something about them adds to your overall knowledge and enhances your lifestyle. It's great to read about places like the Grand Canyon, the Great Pyramids of Egypt, the Amazon River, Rio de Janeiro, New York City, Vienna, Austria, the Great Lakes, Mt. Rushmore, Paris, France, and the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.

There is the Mexican Riviera, Long Beach, California, San Antonio, Texas, the Mediterranean Sea, the Vatican, Barcelona, Spain, Hong Kong, the Great Barrier Reef of Australia, Great Britain, Moscow, Mt. Fuji in Japan, and Santiago, Chile.

Many people like to visit small and medium sized towns and communities. Some of them include Williamston on the Roanoke in North Carolina, Jefferson, Texas, Carson City, Nevada, Olympia, Washington, Tallahassee, Florida, Bismarck, South Dakota, Portland, Maine, Bridgeport, Connecticut, and thousands of other exotic and interesting locales.

The world is a very large, wonderful, exciting place with so many things to do and see. Even if you get on an airplane or ship or drive around the world in a car, you would never get to see everything there is to see.

Even people who do get to travel a lot take books and magazines with them because there is always something thrilling to read about and other new and interesting places to go.

Reading puts you in touch with the world by bringing the world to you. You can pick up a book, magazine, or other publication and enjoy the view without without leaving the comfort of your home. A great book to have is a World Atlas.

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