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"A simple truth is that the world is out to take your money. But not all who take your money are crooks or outlaws. One of the biggest financial predators of our money is taxes. Governments take our money legally."
~Robert T. Kiyosaki~

"If we refuse to let go of the things or people that hold us back, life starts to rot and then stink. The only way to go beyond where you are in your life is by being willing to let go of the things, people, habits, and beliefs that keep you where you are instead of where you want to be."
~Dr. Daniel T. Drubin~

"High expectations are the key to everything"
~Sam Walton~

"Learn from mistakes. The best way to learn is through experience. To continue to improve, add to your experience, take small steps, and do it every day. Mistakes provide the opportunity for some of your best learning. When you struggle you will more likely succeed."
~D. A. Denton~

"Each financial situation should be a learning experience that elevates you to a higher level of awareness."
~Alvaretta Roberts~

"Do the very best you know how, the very best you can, and keep doing so until the end."
~Abraham Lincoln~

"Perhaps the most central characteristic of authentic leadership is the relinquishing of the impulse to dominate others"
~David Cooper~

"Even groundbreaking ideas don't get anywhere unless they are executed skillfully."
~Linda Davis Taylor~

"Networking is such an important part of establishing your business that I see it less as a task than an entrepreneurial way of life>"
~Peri Pakroo~

"It's clear that if people anywhere are to willingly follow someone, whether it be into battle or into the boardroom, the front office or the front line, they first want to assure themselves that the person is worthy of their trust."
~Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner~

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