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Wedding Vows

Wedding vows are promises and other statements made by the bride and bridegroom during their wedding ceremony. The vows are used to make public declarations of the mutual love they have for each other and the commitments they are willing to make, individually, and as a couple, to make their marriage a strong, loving, and enduring relationship.

Couples are often allowed to choose their own words to express how they feel and the vows may be as simple as saying "I love you" or they may be elaborate, with both the bride and the bridegroom, reading from rewritten text, or speaking what is felt at that moment, directly from the heart.

In other ceremonies, vows may be traditional, especially in a house of worship where standard vows are always used in traditional weddings. The pastor, minister, rabbi, or officiant may use the traditional phrases to set the tone for the marriage.

In modern weddings, the bride and the bridegroom may say what they feel, yet, they may want the officiant to conduct the vows in concert with traditional standards.

The bride and the bridegroom, while holding hands and looking into each other's eyes, may repeat the words of the officiant and then, at an appropriate time, take turns telling the other how love has made their wedding day possible.

Wedding vows are precious words because love, marriage, and a commitment to a life time of love and devotion are serious undertakings. When a man and a woman both say, "I do," they are expected to honor and fulfill the promises that they make to each other.

Those in attendance, family, friends, and guests, all have the same expectations, that the marriage of the bride and bridegroom will last until death does them part.

Before and after the wedding vows are spoken, other elements of the ceremony may include scripture reading, prayer, music, pledges, or poetry.


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