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The Sensitive Spouse

"Sometimes we need someone to simply be there. Not to say anything or fix anything, but to let us know they're on our side, and that they care for us." Author Unknown

A little sensitivity in the way a person interacts, and treats, others is an admirable trait. We all want to see at least a little sensitivity in the people around us, starting with our family members, friends, co-workers, and especially from our spouses.

We want our spouses to be sensitive to our needs. We want our spouses to show us that they really care, that they love us, and they respect our feelings, our frustrations, and our fears, but we are smart enough to know that that is not going to happen all the time.

A sensitive spouse is one who recognizes the needs and desires of his mate and reacts in a positive gesture of understanding and humility. A sensitive spouse takes the time to help carry burdens, to offer love when love is needed, and is there to listen when things need to be said, and is not judgmental.

Sensitivity is needed most when there is insecurity. Most people have bouts of insecurity, although they may not admit it. You can't see it or tell it by looking at a person because it does not show on the outside. Insecurity is an emotion that is hidden just below the surface where it can't be seen, and we carry it around with us like an undergarment.

Insecurity manifests itself on different levels in different people. You can never tell how emotionally insecure a person is feeling unless they tell you, and most people won't divulge their feelings unless they feel secure enough with themselves, and with the person they are talking to.

Husbands and wives need to be able to talk freely with each other and they need to be sensitive to each other's feelings. A marriage is a long term commitment that needs to be nurtured constantly. Happiness in a marriage can be felt in the home, so can insecurity and the need for attention.

Sensitivity needs to be shown, not just by the husband, but by the wife, too. There are so many married men who, for one reason or another, feel insecure and vulnerable.

By nature, most men don't show their emotions, or talk about them. This is unfortunate because if a man keeps his feelings bottled up, it causes high blood pressure and other heart related problems that may eventually lead to a heart attack, stroke, or other illnesses.

Spouses who show sensitivity are the one's who want to do the right thing and they are responsible enough to fulfill their roles as loving, devoted mates. They know when to give a hug, when to say the right thing, and most of all, they know when to listen and shut up.

Some people equate the notion of sensitivity with being weak and ineffective. That is so far from the truth. Most men and women will agree to the fact that sensitivity is a show of real strength and greatness and it is a precious commodity in love and marriage.

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