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Planning A Wedding

Planning a wedding can be a very detailed proposition, ranging from a simple ceremony with little or no fanfare to a very intricate and lavish event where the amount of money required is not an issue.

A wedding is an occasion in which two individuals come together to give personal expressions of love, hope, and dedication to each other in the presence of friends and family.

The planning of the event sometimes take on a life of it's own as the bride, who wants everything to be perfect, makes most of the decisions, from where the event is to be held, to picking out her wedding gown, to choosing her bridesmaids, to picking out the perfect wedding ring, to choosing the right colors and flower combinations, to where to honeymoon.

Invitations and announcements have to be ordered and sent out, the cake and other food has to be catered, limousine service and other modes of transportation may have to be reserved, along with music or musicians, a photographer, a florist, minister, rabbi, or other officiant, and so many other details have to be worked out.

To have the perfect wedding, a bride-to-be can either hire a professional wedding planner, or enlist the help of friends and relatives to plan and carry out the arrangements.

The custom is for the bride's family to pay for most of the wedding expenses, which in some cases, puts a heavy burden on the family, especially if the bride-to-be has expensive tastes. The bride's family, especially the parents, may feel a financial strain by spending more than they can afford, just to impress the groom's family and friends.

The groom's family may have to shoulder some of the expenses and help out where they can, which can make a significant difference in how the wedding turns out.

It is advisable that the couple sit down and discuss the type of wedding they want before getting others involved. They should have a talk about finances and what is realistically feasible and affordable.

Both individuals should remember that those who pay the expenses are usually the one's who will control the setting, and they will usually have the last say over the program, the style and other details, which could lead to friction and animosity.

There are other considerations to make when planning a wedding, such as who will be told first, who will be invited to the services, and if there will be a prenuptial agreement.

If there are children from a previous marriage, will they feel angry, hostile, or threatened by the new step parent. They should be told first, before they hear the news from someone else. Children can be resentful, and you don't want to start your new married life with children who are angry and hostile.

Although it may not be feasible to invite everyone to the wedding, or the reception, no one, especially close friends and family, should be omitted when the announcements are sent out. Not everyone has to be invited to attend, but it is a good idea to, at least, let them know of the impending nuptials.

Take into consideration whether or not those who are invited will have to come from out of town, and always remember that there may be changes due to any number of circumstances, like if the wedding is planned for the outdoors, the weather can change without a minutes notice. The wedding gown may not be ready or it may not be what you expected.

The time needed to plan a wedding depends on how elaborate the ceremonies will be be. Make your plans to fit your budget and keep in mind that unexpected turns do occur.


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