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With so many divorces taking place in our society, the world is becoming a place where ex-spouses abound, and no matter where you look, in the workplace, friends and family members, neighbors, or acquaintancies, there is going to be an ex-spouse or two, or three, in the crowd.

An ex-spouse does not necessarily mean that he or she is an end product of a divorce, although many are, a large number of ex-spouses are widows and widowers.

While most ex-spouses remarry, some for a second, third, or fourth time, many choose to remain single and independent, or if they do remarry, they pick and chose their next spouse very carefully.

Ex-spouses are people just like everyone else. They just bring with them questions about their previous marriage, and other unwanted baggage that may, or may not, be cause for alarm for any potential new spouse.

This is not to say that the ex-spouse is any way resposible for a previous divorce, but on the other hand, if the person has been married more than twice before, it may give cause to question what is going on with them.

A divorce may have been initiated by the other spouse, or the other spouse may have been cheating, involved with drugs or alcohol, mentally unstable, mentally or physically abusive, or it may have been a simple case of incompatability.

If one of the marriages was due to the death of one of the other spouses, there may not be reason for concern, depending though, on the circumstances of the death. But if there were multiple marriages, and each ended in death, you may want to look want to be a little careful before jumping into this marriage, especially if this person shows bouts of anger, jealousy, depression, or cruelty.

When someone who has already been married decides to marry again, they will, in many cases, bring more to the marriage than just themselves. They may bring children from the previous marriage, they may bring leftover feeling of either love, or hate, for their former spouse, or they may bring a need for the new spouse to be somewhat like the former spouse.

They may also bring with them a jealous, mean-spirited, and unforgiving ex-wife or husband, unruly inlaws, children with bad behavioral issues, and any number of causes for concern that may make you regret marrying that person. On the other hand, the ex-wife or husband, the inlaws, and/or children, may be very gracious, and absolutely wonderful people.

Actually, when you meet someone who has already been married before, they may be more accomadating to you because of what they have already been through in their previous marriage. They may not want to go through another divorce, so they may try harder to keep things in order when they get married again.

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