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Cheating Spouse

In any relationship, especially in a marriage, cheating is a serious matter that undermines trust and destroys harmony and happiness and turns a happy home into an uneasy, miserable, place to live. Cheating in a marriage is called "adultery" or "infidelity" and the one doing the cheating is said to "be having an affair."

No matter what term is used, cheating is a breech of trust that causes deep, and hard to mend emotional and psychological scars that, in many cases, never heal. One, or both spouses, if they want to save the marriage, may have to go through years of counseling. Still, the end result of cheating, in many marriages, is an ugly divorce.

Who is affected by a cheating spouse? Adultery has far reaching consequenses on everybody involved. It disrupts the lifestyle of the whole family, including both spouses, their children, friends, and co-workers. The actions of the cheater might also reach well into the lives of the family and friends of the person with whom he or she had the affair with.

When going into a marriage, both the bride and the groom makes commitments to each other through their wedding vows, promising love, loyalty, and the forsaking of all others under the Holy estate of matrimony.

Why husbands or wives cheat on each other is a question that has been asked for thousands of years, and there is still no solid answer. Although fidelity in a marriage is high on the list of values for most couples, infidelity within marriages continue to grow.

Years ago, men were more inclined to cheat on their wives because, as the one who worked and brought home the money, women were relegated to staying home with the children without much of a social life. But today, women who work outside the home can support themselves much easier than in the past, and don't have to put up with a cheating husband, unless they choose to do so.

Another point of interest is that, in recent surveys, it has been noted that the number of women cheating on their husbands is increasing dramatically. With the advent of birth control and modern mores, women are committing adultery in growing numbers and are no longer taking a back seat to their husbands.

Many people who cheat feel that something is missing in their marriages. They feel neglected, have little self esteem, self respect or self worth, or they may have feelings of depravity or disenchantment with their partner's lovemaking abilities.

Some are simply seduced by a member of the opposite sex, and in some cases, the same sex. Even though they may love their spouse, they fall to the temptations of someone who poses as a friend, shows them attention, and makes them feel wanted and desired.

Many affairs begin at work where men and women have close contact with each other on a daily basis. Most people spend more time with co-workers than they spend with their spouses, making it easy to get involved with someone at work.

Although divorce can be an end result of cheating, many marriages do survive extramarital affairs. Many of those who stay in marriages after learning that their spouse has cheated, stay in the marriage for their own personal reasons, such as overwhelming love, the fear of being alone, financial motivations, or for the children.

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