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Setting Goals

At the beginning of each new year, many people set goals for what they want to accomplish for the year. Their goals depend on personal wants and needs, and to reach the goals, some sacrifices may have to be made.

  • A goal is an effort to accomplish an objective that is to be met at the end of a particular timeframe.
  • Goals help motivate people to get in the habit of doing things for greater personal empowerment, building self confidence, setting higher standards for themselves, and reaching to attain those things that are their ambitions in life.
  • Goals help people focus on what is important to them and helps to bring out inner desires and jubilation, especially when a particular goal is met.

Write down your goals and keep them where you can see them on a daily basis. Prioritize them in categories of importance and create a plan of action for each goal. Stay focused and set your goals to correspond with the way you live your life.

Although you hear more about goals being made at the beginning of the year, goals can be set any time and for any reason. They don't have to be yearly goals either. They may be daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, or for five or ten years. It depends on the person who is setting the goals and what the goals are for.

Some goals that are set by many people, especially at the beginning of the year, include losing weight, eating healthier, quitting smoking, making more money, reading more, buying a new car or home, meeting a significant other, going to church more often, or to travel to places you've never been before.

There are short term goals, long term goals, personal goals, business goals, and goals made just for fun. Financial goals may correspond with career goals and each may have an impact on your personal goals.

What makes the biggest impact on meeting goals is how realistic they are. Many people ask to much of themselves and set goals that are beyond their reach. This makes it hard on them and may cause them to drop their goals before they even have a chance to get started.

Remember, goals should be attainable, which is not to say that all goals should be made to be so easy that no work is required. Some goals will be easy to obtain, but others often need a lot of time, commitment, physical exertion, and they may be filled with stress, struggle, and some pain, which is not all bad. In fact, a little struggle or a little pain can make the goals more pleasing when they are met.

The challenge many people face in setting goals is that they get distracted over time. Distractions cause people to lose sight of the original purpose for setting the goals and this takes away the overall meaning of the end game.

How do you obtain your goals? You have to stay focused and not get side tracked. Your visions of what you want should be clear and defined. You should never set goals that are clearly unattainable, and never set goals based on someone else's sights. Don't set your goals for the express purpose of keeping up with the Joneses. Keep your goals on a level that is in your own field of vision, but don't be afraid to raise the bar.

If you meet your goals this time, set them a little higher the next time, but not too high. If you don't meet your goals, don't despair. Start over and keep trying, even if you have to scale your goals down a bit. Scaling down your goals is acceptable but never scale back simply to make it easier on yourself, especially if your goals can be met the way you initially planned.

Making plans and goals often lead to better lifestyles, healthier living, more money, more fun, and happier times with family and friends.

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