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Living Single

The thought of living single has a certain appeal to it, but is it all that it is cracked up to be? Many singles, both men and women, wouldn't have it any other way and they love every moment of their freedom, not having to answer to anyone but themselves.

A single lifestyle lets you come and go as you please, spend your time as you chose, and gives you the opportunity to date and go out without the pressure of having to answer to others.

Most people who chose to go through life being single make the choice and it is not because they can't find a mate, but because they cherish the freedom and the idea of not having to worry about what someone else might think or say.

In the past, it was thought that it was only men who didn't want to get married and/or settle down. They were called loners, solitary men, bachelors, and those who dated a lot were called playboys.

Today, many women, divorcees and bachelorettes, fall into that same category, declining offers of marriage, dating who and when they want, and basically keeping to themselves so they can maintain a single lifestyle.

It is not the thought of marriage that turns them away from making a long term commitment. For many individuals, it is more of a conscious decision to stay single and they feel that getting married would mean going through drastic changes in their lifestyles. They like the single lifestyle that they are living and marriage would take them out of their comfort zone.

Although they like being single, some individuals would love to get married, settle down, have children, buy a home, and live as husband and wife if the right person came along. The actually seek companionship, but they won't settle for just anyone.

Although singles maintain the option of dating, whether to find a spouse, or to simply enter into a long term relationship, they maintain a position in which they can sustain from entering into any type of relationship, romantic or otherwise.

Single lifestyles have good and bad points. Aside from not having to take care of anyone but yourself, and coming and going as you choose without having to answer to anyone, a single person may go through bouts of anxiety, depression, and a general sense of loneliness.

As they age, they may feel that their lives have passed them by because they didn't cultivate a long term meaningful relationship with someone else or settle down and have children.

Although many married people envy those who are single, the same is true for many single people who think married couples have a lot to smile about. Although many married people, when asked, say that they miss being single, but they admit that they enjoy the married life, too.

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