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"Life guides us through many doors. We open each with the uncertainty of what lies behind them."
~Alvaretta Roberts~

We are all different, with different ambitions and goals, different personalities, different needs, different opinions, and most of all, we all live different lifestyles. In essence, the world, and everything in it is different. No two people are remotely identical, yet, in a sense, we are all similar in one way or another.

The beauty of nature is that it allows us to put our differences in perspective, disregard them when it becomes necessary, and still maintain and display a penchant for a lifestyle that is filled with diversity and individuality.

Our lifestyles are dictated by our own individual tastes, our own individual interests, and our need to express ourselves in the ways in which we choose. Although we live by the laws of God and spirituality, and the laws created by man, we are also ruled by the nature of our own common sense.

In everyday living, we get a chance to express ourselves through the things we hold near and dear to our hearts. Our lifestyles are manifested in the way we look at ourselves, the way we look at others, the way we treat others, and in a broader sense, the way we treat ourselves.

There is an old saying that "beauty is in the eye of the beholder." That is the essence of lifestyles. What is important to you, what is beautiful to you, what you want to surround yourself with, what you buy for yourself, how you dress, how you eat, your religious views, your political views, and how you have fun, is all about your lifestyle.

And it goes far beyond that. Your lifestyle may dictate the number of children you have, the types of clothes you wear, where you live, who you marry. The colors in your home, the type of plants and flowers you have in your yard, where you choose to vacation. What you eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, the type of car you drive, what you watch on television, the music you like, and the list goes on and on.

The great thing about lifestyles is that they can, and do, change constantly. Lifestyles change, for good or bad, but the best thing about the human experience and changing lifestyles, is that we are able to adjust.

We adjust when a loved one dies, we hurt and grieve, but time heals the pain, and we move on. The same is for marriage and divorce. When we have children, it changes our lifestyles dramatically. Our children, more than anything, forces us to change the way we live, the way we view the world, and how we react to other events.

Lifestyles change when we have to relocate due to a change in employment or unemployment. Our status in life may change. If there is a natural disaster, or just because you feel the need to move to another environment.

Some lifestyles are considered great, while others are frowned upon. Many of us envy the rich and famous for the lifestyles that we think we want and we think they are living. We pity the poor and downtrodden, and pray that we will never be in that position, but like everything else, things change. The poor can become rich, and the rich can just as easily become poor.

Being rich and famous certainly has it's perks, but you have to dig a little deeper to understand that not all wealthy and famous people are happy, no matter how much money they have. But the question remains, would you rather be wealthy and unhappy or poor and unhappy?

On a daily basis, and throughout life, no one can know for sure how their lifestyles will change or where they will be mentally, physically, financially, or otherwise, in the future. There are too many twists, turns and forks in the road of life to even begin to think that anyone can tell the future.

Most of us learn early on that what the future holds is not for us to know, but what we can do, is make lifestyle choices today that will help us lead healthy and prosperous lives tomorrow.

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