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"A friend is someone who cares for you when you are sick, feeds you when you are hungry, guides you when you are lost, and supports you when you are lonely."
~Alvaretta Roberts~

A friend is a person who sticks with you through the good and the bad in your life. He or she is a person who loves you, loves being around you, and look to you as someone special in their life. To be a good friend, there has to be loyalty and trust and all that is given has to be reciprocated in no uncertain terms.

A true friendship withstands adversities such as arguments, distances, and time away from each other. No matter what obstacles or circumstances come up, the friendship remains intact. A good friend is worth more than gold and in many ways are more valuable than immediate family members. They are there for you when you need a friend and they know they count on you if they need a friend.

Many people stay friends for life. Often, friendships start during childhood and continue until death. Other friendships develop along the way and often grow into special bonds that are strong and special. They may start in college, the military, or at work.

Friendships can also come about due to relationships that are built around activities with children, churches, business, and different organizations. Friendships, in many ways, have a positive influence on the lives of the people involved. Friends do things together and make each other feel comfortable when doing it. They resolve problems together, travel together, eat and drink together, and socialize with other people together.

There are variations in the types of friendships you can have. Some friendships are nothing more than on again off again acquaintances while others are deep and personal. An acquaintance can be someone you work with, see at parties, a neighbor, or someone you know through a friendship with another person.

Friendships can be tricky. Some people may act friendly towards you but don't think of you as a friend. They may talk to you about their problems, listen to yours, and treat you with respect. But they may not want you around them as much as you want to be around them. This may cause problems if you cannot make the distinction.

To call it a true friendship, though, both parties have to believe that the other is a friend. In other words, you can call someone your friend, but if that person doesn't think of you as his or her friend, it is not a true friendship. It is a one sided affair that needs to be adjusted in one way or another.

If the other party starts thinking of you as a friend and brings you into his or her sphere of trust and love, it may become a true friendship in the future. Otherwise, you are just an acquaintance and until you come to understand that, you may be setting yourself up for a rude awakening one day, especially if you start counting on that person to come through for you in your hour of need.

A friend is someone who genuinely likes you and is sincerely interested in you as a person. They do nice things for you, hold you in high esteem, wants you in their inner circle, shares their joy and pain with you, and don't mind being around you. They want to see you on a regular basis, comes to you when you need a friend, and don't expect more from you than you are willing to give.

True friends don't try to out maneuver each other by competing all the time. They don't lie on, or to, each other, steal from each other, or try to make the other look bad. Instead, they stand by each other and enjoy being looked to as a special person who can be counted on to be there for love and support.

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