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What Is The Law Of Forgiveness?

It may sound unusual to be referring to forgiveness as a law, but that's exactly what it is.

Forgiveness is a spiritual or social law that, when enacted, can affect the material world. Just like the physical Law of Gravity, it is universal and unchanging. It has a set of properties you can use again and again with positive results. Energy moves when forgiveness is enacted by someone who is sincere about forgiving.

Like the Law of Attraction, we are just beginning to learn about all the possibilities inherent in forgiveness. As stated previously, predictable and unchanging laws govern our universe and our existence. When we understand these laws and are in alignment with them, our lives run more smoothly, more positively, and we can accomplish much more in a shorter period of time. Some laws, such as the Law of Gravity, we understand well and are able to use to benefit our everyday existence. We are just beginning to understand other laws, such as the Law of Attraction and the Law of Forgiveness. Like the Law of Gravity, once we learn about these laws, we can incorporate them into our daily lives, make practical application of them, and experience amazing results.

If we allow these natural laws to guide and teach us, we will learn great wisdom. The late psychologist and minister Dan Custer wrote in The Miracle of Mind Power:

Nature is the great giver and great forgiver. Should you cut your hand with a sharp knife, the forces of nature set about immediately to repair the damage. It was a mistake to cut your hand, but nature does not withhold the repairing of the wound. Nature immediately forgives and starts at once to make repairs...Nature even repairs the ravages of the battlefield by covering it with grass and flowers. Nature brings us back into harmony, back to happiness and peace if we do our part, so to forgive is natural.


There are a number of words and phrases people use to refer to forgiveness: released, let go of, pardoned. But like the Law of Gravity, the Law of Forgiveness is natural, universal, consistent, and unchanging. Therefore, it does not matter what words we use; its properties will remain the same. To illustrate this point, consider the Law of Gravity. Gravity doesn't care whether you're a Christian, Hindu, Muslim, Jew, atheist, Buddhist or something else altogether--gravity is a constant force and it reacts in the same manner no matter who you are or what you believe. If a person steps off the top of a twenty-one-story building, the Law of Gravity is predictable in what will happen next, regardless of that person's belief system. The Law of Forgiveness is the same. Regardless of your spiritual belief system, if you use the Law of Forgiveness, it will work for you.

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