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Killing Your Dreams With Worry

Worry, this is absolutely the biggest waste of time ever. There is no place for worry in your new and improved life. Worry is proof that subconsciously, way deep down inside, we don't really believe that we will get what we are asking for. If we really believe with all of our hearts that our abundance is on its way (that our bills will get paid and that our health and relationships will improve), we wouldn't worry about any of it. We'd trust that God can and will take care of it, whatever it may be. We would be able to believe that it will happen, and then allow peace into that place of worry.

I still get a twinge of worry every now and then. No matter what I am believing in God for, I simply say to myself, "It will come, I don't know how or when, but it will come!" That simple affirmation seems to kill the worry instantly. I refuse to waste my time in a state of worry, because all that will do is paralyze me and prevent me from enjoying this moment, day, or week.

The reality was reaffirmed to me by my daughter just recently. I built a spec house to sell and generate some income last year. It's been for sale going on a year now but the market has been a bit soft. I don't give it any negative power through a bunch of worry, and just go on with my life. I know it will sell sooner or later, everything always does. It's a beautiful log home on eight gorgeous acres in the mountains. I absolutely believe that this entire situation will work out for the best eventually.

However, my daughter started in on me the other day, and it went something like this. We were having a phone conversation, and she asked me what I was doing. I said I was working on the book and really enjoying my writing. With an instant tone of alarm, she responded, "Aren't you worried about selling that cabin? Aren't you afraid that you are going to lose everything if it doesn't sell pretty soon?"

Now the funny thing to me about her concerns regarding this particular situation are this. I've been an entrepreneur throughout the course of her entire life, and she has seen investment houses come and go. Nevertheless, she continued with one of my personal favorites, "Mother, are you just going to simply do whatever the Spirit moves you to do?" The answer to this question would be a great, big, hairy, yes!

My children should surely understand enough about all of the principles that I have based my life on, to know that worry is a big fat waste of time. Worry is nothing more than the action of disbelief and can do nothing but harm.

Life inspired; I say most definitely do whatever the Spirit moves you to do. Stop focusing your energy on all of those negative what ifs and all of the things that might go wrong. I finally learned that for every what if negative, there is a what if positive to counteract it. "What ifs" are caused by fear, usually fear of failure or loss of some kind. What if I try and fail? Rather, what if I try and succeed? What if I do that and make a fool of myself? How about, what if I do that and make a name for myself? I now choose to see the probable possibilities rather than the potential failures.

Time is precious, and we can't afford to waste one minute in a state of worry. It's my opinion that worry in itself actually makes any situation worse. Simply due to the fact that now your energy is being focused on the negative results, rather than the positive possibilities you were hoping for. So in reality you are killing your own dream, because worry is the opposite of hope. Most importantly, how can you ever start to see the solution if you are completely fixated on the problem.

Don't miss today's joy
worrying about tomorrow's fears.

Killing Your Dreams with Worry
is an excerpt from the brilliantly written book I AM: The Power Within by Linda Wright.

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