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"Throughout our lives, people come and go. Although we may not realize it, each one inspires us in one way or another."
~John M. Roberts~

Everyone is inspired by someone or something. This happens over and over throughout life and each inspiration may be brought on by any event or contact. We get inspirations from our environment, other people, and our lifestyles, store them in our hearts and minds, and use them in a effort to reach a better place in our lives. Inspiration, after all, is what we take, and use, from our day to day experiences.

Inspiration can, and does, come in many forms. It may come from casual conversations, a book, a song, a picture, a speech, a class, the Holy Bible, a moment of fear, happiness, our relationship with another person, our ambitions, or from any number of other events or things. We get inspiration to help ourselves as well as others.

You, in many cases, are the cause of inspiration for others, although you may not know it. Throughout your life, people come and go, and most of them will never cross your path, or your mind, again. You may touch them in one way or another, inspiring them in ways that you can't comprehend, yet, it may be your actions or your words that makes a difference in their life. And you may never remember having any contact with them.

And the same realities apply to you. The way you talk, the way you act, the way you do business, the way you look at life in general, and almost everything else about you, was inspired by someone or something, and you probably don't remember who that person was or what the circumstances were. Although you were brought up around family and friends, many others have crossed paths with you and left you with something of importance that will stay with you as long as you live.

As you get older, you start looking for things to inspire you. Most people read, go to seminars, talk to friends, relatives, strangers, listen to the radio, the television, and then use what is taken away from the event to better themselves.

How you are inspired says a lot about you. Your intake of the words or things that inspire you may make you feel better, not just physically, but mentally and spiritually. It may make you want to become wealthier, more physically fit, more intelligent, or simply more in tuned with your inner self.

Inspiration may come in spurts, may take a long time, may hit you like a brick, or it may always be with you. You've heard the words, "self motivation." Many people are inspired and motivated by the fact that they are alive and they use their own self motivation as their inspiration."

An inspiration may be an "aha moment" that sneaks up on you and send shock waves through your senses and emotions. Many people are inspired by things that happen in their lives that leaves them in awe. It makes them realize something about themselves, or others, that they believe is a moment of true spiritual enlightenment.

Your inspiration may come from someone else; their writings, their teachings, or their personal views and values or it may also come from natural occurrences, personal experiences, or from something that just pops into your head or into your life.

Whatever gives you inspiration is yours to have and to hold. When you are inspired, your life may change slightly, or it may change drastically. You may feel many different emotions such as a heightened sense of self worth. It may cause you to rethink your life and cause you to do things that you never thought you could do.

Inspirations can bring peace and joy to your life along with a modicum of wisdom and understanding, especially if you are inspired to do good things. Many people think inspirations come from a divine origin and they treat them as precious gifts.


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