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Who Should Pay On The First Date?

Who should pay on the first date can often be a sore point for both men and women. For years, the question of who should pay the tab on the first date has gone largely unanswered. In years past, it was typically assumed that the man should pay the bill, but in this day and age, women are more independent than they were then, and many are willing to split the costs, or pay for the whole thing themselves.

Paying the costs, or at least half them, makes some women feel more secure and confident that the man will not expect anything from her afterwards, and some women are insulted if the man insists on paying. It makes them feel that the man may think that they can't take care of themselves.

On the other hand, if the man doesn't offer to pay, the woman may think that he is cheap. In most cases, the person who initiates the date is the one who does the paying. But if they continue seeing each other, both individuals should alternate paying when they go out.

Actually, most people still think that a man should pay on the first date. First impressions are everything, and as a man, your best bet is to handle the bill when it's delivered to your table because for some women, it may indicate that you are responsible and that you may be ready to handle a relationship, not to mention that you are a gentlemen.

Splitting the bill can be very effective, too, especially for those who are in college and have low paying jobs. Going dutch is often okay when going out with friends and coworkers, but splitting the bill on a date is a little different. The goal of a date is to establish a connection, and by splitting the bill, it establishes the fact that, even though we are not a couple, we can share things together, and that may be an everlasting quality.

If the date is on a special occasions, the man may want to pay the bill himself, especially if it's an anniversary of some sort, her birthday, or if she just got a promotion on her job. It makes the man look classy, and it's a great way of showing his lady friend how proud he is of her accomplishments.

If it's the woman who asks a guy out on a date, she should not expect him to pay, but he should still be ready to pay, even though she did the asking. More than likely, she will cover the bill but it may be a good idea to be prepared anyway.

If the woman insists on paying, the man should let her. There is nothing wrong with that, and at this point, it's not worth it to argue over who should pay. Even though she may be trying to send a signal that she is independent and capable of taking care of herself, it doesn't mean that she don't like you.

Most men will not ask a woman to pay for her own meal on a first date. If a man asks a woman to go to a restaurant on a first date, and she agrees, in most cases he is going to pay, unless she insists on paying. After the first date, ground rules should be set, and who is pays for entertainment should be a topic for discussion.

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