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Warning Signs

Watch out for warning signs that usually manifest themselves while you are dating. Warning signs have a way of popping up here and there, but they don't just jump out at you and say, "This is a red flag and you may be in trouble." You have to decipher the warning and then take appropriate action.

  • If your date is wearing a wedding ring, or band, or if they are wearing an engagement ring, it should be a definite red flag. If the person tells you that they are going to leave their spouse for you, don't consummate the relationship until they are away from the spouse, and you know it for sure.
  • If your date talks excessively about his, or her, ex, they may still have feelings about them. It may be their intention to go back to the ex, if the ex will take them back, or they may be using you as a ploy to make the ex jealous.
  • If the person you are dating speaks badly about a parent of the opposite sex and/or the ex in a past relationship in which they couldn't get along with, they may have some serious issues with the opposite sex.
  • If your date is mean spirited to others or talks down to people in an air of self righteousness and indignation, he or she will probable continue to show that type of behavior in the future.
  • If you are dating someone who speaks rude to you, more than likely they are rude by nature and if you get into a relationship, they will not stop being the way they are. Depending upon the severity of the rudeness, they may be giving you a hint, and it may be in your best interest to take the hint and run.
  • If you are dating a person who drinks, smokes, take drugs, or acts as if he or she is on illegal substances, what you see is what you get. Don't let them get you hooked or caught up in a bad situation.
  • If the date dresses inappropriately, or does not exhibit good hygienic practices, you may want to pause before have a sexual relationship with them.
  • (Women) If a man talks about sports, cars, fishing, hunting, clothes, work, or video games, you can bet that those are the subjects that interest him, and he is going to keep talking about them if you keep going out with him.
  • (Men) If a woman talks about shopping, jewelry, clothes, and shoes, her family, books, traveling, her place of employment, foods, gardening, movies, friends, and social functions, that is what interests her and that is what she is going to talk about if you keep going out with her.
  • If your date speeds or drives recklessly while you are in the car, you can expect that type of behavior in their general driving habits, which may not bode well for you, or if you have children in the future.

When people date, there are so many things that may come up that are actual tell-tale signs of what a person might be thinking, or doing, that may be a real cause for concern in the future.

If you have a long term relationship with that person, such as a marriage, you may have privilege to think back to when you were dating and see things that caused a red flag to materialize, but instead of paying attention, you overlooked the obvious.

Some issues can be overlooked, no harm, no foul, but others can be overlooked and then come back to haunt you later. You may also feel that you can change a person but people don't change unless they are willing.

Love can turn a blind eye to the obvious and keep you involved in a relationship, even when you know that it's not right for you and it is human nature to overlook certain things in a person, especially when love is involved.

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