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Office Romance

When it comes down to finding that special person that you can go out with, have fun with, like being around, and want to keep in your life forever, it can be very difficult, and at times, even frustrating. If you spend a lot of time working, you may have a little difficulty finding a serious romantic interest that you feel comfortable with. You may not have the time to really get to know people outside of your work environment.

So when can you find the time to get to know someone? Well, the answer may be right under your nose. It may be the person who sits on the other side of your cubicle or in the office down the hall.

You may find it hard to imagine dating someone you work with but many people are finding love in the workplace and it can prove to be a pleasurable experience. Romance between co-workers may lead to long term relationships and an eventual marriage, and more and more people are doing it.

Workplace dating can create golden opportunities for love. You may find someone who is around the same age as you are, live in the same neighborhood, and share common interests.

Don't plan on keeping your relationship a secret. People have a way of noticing changes in behavior, and chances are that you will tell someone you trust, and they will tell someone they trust, and soon you will be the center of conversation all over the office.

However, their are certain self imposed rules that you must observe in making an office relationship work. Don't let your relationship cause distractions to you, the person you are dating, or fellow employees.

If you work closely with the person you are dating, especially in the same room or in the same general vicinity, there are going be times when you may start feeling smothered. It may become hard to keep your job out of your relationship.

If you become angry with each other, it is important not to display your feelings in the office, which may be very hard to do. And never discuss your personal issues with any co-worker, no matter how close you are with that person, if you don't want it to become office gossip.

And the worst thing to do is to date several people at your job, even if there are long stretches of time between the events. It's okay to date one person, but once you've dated half the people on the second floor, and a few on the third floor, you will get a reputation that you may find uncomfortable to live with.

Romance at the workplace can be a burden on your manager or other company officials. If your romance starts getting in the way of your job performance, you may be warned, or even fired. Some companies have written policies that ban dating and romance at the workplace.

Involvement with a fellow employee can be risky in the legal sense, too. There are always concerns about sexual harassment so you should always keep that in mind when trying to establish a relationship with a co-worker.

An office romance can be challenging, but it can also be a truly endearing and an enjoyable experience, especially if something special develops between you and your coworker.


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