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Dating A Younger Man

For many women who are dating, age really does matter, but not in the traditional sense. Some women are beginning to look for younger men to meet their needs, both sexually and psychologically, and they are not embarrassed by their choice of date mates. They see age as just a number, and are looking to younger men for long term love interests.

Years ago, when a woman was older and wanted lasting companionship, she dated men her age, or older, who could enhance her social status and help provide financial security. But today, women have their own careers, own their own homes, and are able to take care of themselves, so financial security and social status provided by older men is not a concern and does not mean as much.

The modern woman is looking for love and companionship from all arenas, someone she can have fun with, someone who treats her good while connecting on a strong mental and physical level, whereby age is not a distracting factor.

Women who date younger men find them more active and exciting and are willing to do things that older men don't have the energy, or the desire, to do and many younger men are more apt to treat older women with a higher degree of respect.

While most older men concern themselves with their careers, the ups and downs of the economy and what is happening in the world, younger men seem to be more at peace with themselves, looking to have fun, yet, showing that they are serious about their lives and their future.

A woman wants a man who is willing to listen to her, a man who won't criticize and make snap judgements before hearing her out, and she wants someone who loves her for who she is. Younger men are sometimes more inclined to listen, show their emotions, and give a hug when a hug is needed.

There is one thing that older women must consider when dating a younger man. They must have patience with younger men and make adjustments due to their maturity level. Don't expect a younger man to have his life completly in order and younger men will most likely have fewer financial resources than older guys.

Many older women find that younger men are more supportive of their careers. Younger men also find older women to be exciting, and more established than younger women who sometimes seem to trap men by wanting to get married and start families. Many older women are more interested in having a relationship and are not in a rush to get married.

Older, independant women are proudly showing off their younger male friends to their relatives, friends, and co-workers and they are making an effort to show that there is nothing wrong with dating younger men.

Not all older women are out to mold their younger male friends into the kind of guys they want to date and not all younger men date older women for their money, or the material things that she can give him. These misconceptions can stand as barriers to older women/younger men relationships.

Another problem facing older women dating younger men is children from previous marriages or affairs. Some women who have children who are teenagers and older find it hard to introduce them to their new younger boyfriends, especially if the boyfriend is the same age, just a couple of years older, or younger than, their children.

While dating a younger man can, and probably will, create certain problems, like in all other relationships, compalibility is the key to having a successful relationship. Age doesn't have to be a factor, especially when you really like each other and have a lot in common.

When dating a younger man, treat the relationship just as you would if you were dating someone your own age or older. If you do, you will find that the relationship will grow and blossom into a long term, loving, affair.

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