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Blind Date Tips

A blind date can turn into a beautiful, fun filled event if you go into it with an open mind and allow the evening to play itself out in it's entirety. Even if you are not looking for a romantic relationship, a blind date can still be fun.

This is not to say that the blind date will work out well because sometimes they don't. Listed below are some tips that you may help you along the way.

  • Try to go on the date with others that you know or make it a couples affair with the person who is setting you up with the blind date.
  • If you must go on the date alone, choose a public place. A woman should never agree to meet a blind date at his home or apartment if she is alone. Agreeing to meet him for dinner is always a good choice, and other options include meeting for coffee or for lunch.
  • Never drink excessively, or better yet, don't drink at all on a blind date.
  • Be friendly, polite, and don't hog the conversation. Your date may think that you talk too much.
  • Don't make sarcastic remarks. Remember, this is your first meeting, your date doesn't know you, and may be put off by your sarcasm, even if it is done in fun.
  • Don't overwhelm your date with your beliefs, especially with religious or political opinions.
  • Try not to answer you telephone, unless you are looking for an important call or if it's an emergency. Talking excessively on the phone while on a date is rude, so be courteous to your date and stay off the phone. You don't want your date to think that you are so bored that you have to hold telephone conversations with others.
  • It is really important to give your date an honest perspective of who you are, especially if you think that you may want to see this person again. You can get away with pretending to be somebody else, but eventually the blind date, if you continue to see each other, will find out who you really are.
  • Don't lie about yourself and your accomplishments, especially your employment history, your income, and your assets. This is a small world, and a lie about these things, no matter how trivial it may seem at the time, may come back to haunt you later.
  • Remember, not everyone is comfortable talking to strangers. If your date is quiet, or bashful, don't think that they are not interested in you. This may just be a case of nervousness. You will know how the date turned out later, depending on whether the date agrees to go out with you again or not.
  • When the date is over, be polite and tell the person that you enjoyed their company. If your date went well, and you want to see the person again, tell them that you had a wonderful time and that you would love to have another date with them. If the evening did not go well, don't mention another date.
  • On the other hand, if you are asked to go out again and you don't think it's a good idea, politely tell them that you had rather not. If they ask you why, simply tell them that you don't think that you two have a lot in common, and then thank them for a very lovely evening.

Just because you agree to a blind date, it does not mean that you are making any type of romantic commitment, but you will never know where it might lead until after you have met the person face to face. Many blind dates have ended in long term relationships, and many more have ended in marriage.

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