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The Ultimate Plan
A Financial Survival Guide for Life's Unexpected Events
by Nicole B. Simpson

"Can you survive financially during your wilderness experience in life? According to certified financial planner, senior advisor, and 9/11 survivor Nicole Simpson, most of us unconsciously focus on survival from day to day. In her new book, The Ultimate Plan: A Financial Survival Guide for Life’s Unexpected Events, Simpson illustrates through her own traumatic experience the need to create a financial plan of action to combat life’s inevitable disasters.

Through simple, engaging stories, The Ultimate Plan lays out strategies your family can incorporate to avoid total devastation when faced with unexpected death, disability, natural disasters, etc. The Ultimate Plan: A Financial Survival Guide for Life’s Unexpected Events is your guidebook to being prepared when disaster strikes."

Events occur in our lives affecting us for a reason, a season, and sometimes a lifetime. Understanding why the events occur, the proper time it takes us to accomplish our desires, and the purpose or meaning we attach to lives can shape who we are as people. My being at the World Trade Center was for a reason. I had to be at Battery Park City on September 11, 2001. I was there to see firsthand that the wealthy had provisions in place for disaster. They didn't wait until they were faced with tragedy to prepare for the unexpected. When calamity arose, they were in a better position to deal with life's obstacles. That experience allowed me to clearly define my responsibility to promote economic empowerment within my community.

As a result of my near death experience, I decided that the way of the Lord was the only way for me. I realized that everything that happens, happens for a reason. People purchase insurance for a reason. Should something happen to them, their family is protected. They also complete a will for a reason. That reason is to properly distribute their assets as they wish. Some people try to identify the reasons why certain people have entered their life. Are they in my life for a reason?

The Lord put people in my life for a reason. I never really thought about my relationships until after the tragedy. He was running for Congress and requested my support. I had never been involved in a political campaign on any level. Shortly after the experience, several people approached me interested in running for office. Now that I have experience in politics, it represents another way the Lord can use me. He paved the way for me to gain experience in that position and I was validated. My relationship with incarcerated women was for a reason as well. It helped me to understand how to effectively minister and teach people about finances with the most challenging circumstances.

Evaluate your life. Can you think about things that happened to you that you can't explain? Or people who came into your life at a particular moment? What was your reaction? Did you dismiss them or did you realize everything occurs for a reason? People will often pass through your life to edify it for a moment. Knowing the particular reason sometimes enables us to accomplish the unattainable and get through the unimaginable.

"Solomon, the wisest man ever born outside of Jesus, directs our attention in Proverbs 6:6 to the ways of the ant: that we might learn a great lesson about working and planning for all the seasons of life. The ant plans ahead for every season in order to be prepared for all seasons and their needs. Likewise, Minister Nicole Simpson in her book, tells us how to be wise in planning for the needs of the seasons in our lives. We cannot afford to pass on this wisdom!", Evangelist Beverly Allen, author of No Man's Concubine.

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