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The Key To Enlightenment

"No matter what the subject, reading is the key to enlightenment, both spiritually and mentally, and books lay bare thousands of years of thoughts and ideas that, even today, are read and pondered over."  
~by John M. Roberts ~

Books are collections of thoughts and ideas that are written, printed, or illustrated on paper, parchment, or other materials that are then bound together, usually between covers, to make one complete body of work.

Books can take a reader on a journey to distant places, providing mental descriptions, yet, accomplishing this without the need for very much physical movement. All it takes is a flip of a page and you are on your way. Books are written to take the reader into the past, to present locations and events, and may even give the reader a glimpse of the future.

Reading is encouraged by educators, psychologists, and independent thinkers alike. In any modern society, reading is encouraged for all people, especially at an early age, because books stimulate the mind, causing thought and imagination processes to develop, and increases learning skills, while helping to develop the capacity to think independently and productively.

Books have the ability to bring joy and relaxation to the reader, and writers want their ideas to be contemplated, today, and a thousand years into the future.

The great thing about books is that there are literally thousands published, printed, and sold every year, providing great reading experiences for us, and giving future generations knowledge of what our world is like today.

Books help to expand on what we think about and dream about and gives us the impetus and the wisdom to change the things that need to be changed, to make adjustments in our lifestyles, and they open up the world for us to mentally see things that we would, otherwise, never physically experience.

To read is to seek knowledge, to explore the known and the unknown, to glean understanding, and to walk in the shoes of the author. Books are the vehicles to take you places, without the need for actually traveling. They take you to times and places that come alive in print, and all that is required is that the reader use a little imagination.

Books come in all colors and shapes. Some are large and some are small. They are written in different styles, and contain an array of information. Books are either fiction, non-fiction, biographies, autobiographies, books of literature, poetry, history, business, gardening, science, economics, philosophy, romance, and fantasy.

There are cook books, fix it books, automobile repair books, comic books, encyclopedias, dictionaries, thesauruses, entertainment publications, and just about anything you can think of is already written about in one form or another and is probably published in a book.

Libraries offer a wide variety of books for individual to read. Book stores and other venues offer books for sale to the general public. Some individuals own large, private collections of books, and many, being very expensive, are kept as antiques and collectibles.

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