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Letting Go Of Your Bananas
How to Become More Successful by Getting Rid of Everything Rotten In Your Life
by Dr. Daniel T. Drubin

Letting go of your bananas begins with the power of one: one bold action, one brave decision, one limitless vision, one great question, one new idea, one burning desire, or one act of kindness. As soon as you are willing to embrace the fact that you can change the quality of your life and act on that belief, your world changes for the better.

One of life’s biggest challenges is the challenge of letting go. While on an intellectual level I am certain you can understand and appreciate what I am referring to, each of us has been created with a built-in mechanism that wants us to maintain the status quo. Despite how much we want a better life, we do tend to stick with what we know to be safe and comfortable.

Face it: keeping things the same, even if your life situation is awful, is safe compared with abandoning what you have and facing the unknown. The unknown is where all of your personal and professional potential lies. The known, on the other hand, is the life you are living right now.

Your choices are few and simple: Keep things as they are and resent being limited or opt for the discomfort of change as you face the unknown. As long as these choices are just about the only two choices available to you, you get to choose your destiny. Choose sameness and you get more of what you have. Choose change and letting go and a whole new world of possibilities awaits you.

Fact: We all have bananas, things that hold us back. If you cannot see yours, you are just not trying. Denying that you have obstacles that stand in the way of making a better life for yourself and your loved ones will not make your life situation better. In fact, refusing to admit to yourself that you asre stuck can seriously diminish your dash of life. If you are uncertain about what your barriers are, just ask someone you love and trust to point them out to you.

Be prepared perhaps not to like or agree with what you hear. Facing up to the reality of who you are can often be painful as well as eye-opening. Yes, the truth can hurt, but getting into the pain of reality is healthy even though it's uncomfortable. It has been said that the true measure of a person is often determined by how much truth he can take without having his feelings hurt.

Face it! You have roadblocks and obstacles that are getting in the way of living the life you desire most. And until you are ready, willing, and able to accept the fact that you probably have an entire bunch of bananas to let go of, very little change and improvement can or will occur in your life.

Bananas come in all shapes and sizes. In fact, some of your bananas are actually shaped like people. Some bananas are real, while others are perceptions and exist only in your imagination.

Whether real or perceived, abarrier is a barrier, and those barriers stand in your way of a better future. If you carefully examine the things that are holding you back, I believe you will find that most of your barriers have been created in two different ways: You either created them on your won to remain safe and comfortable, or intentionally or unintentionally, you bought into another person's viewpoint of you and your potential.

Regardless of whether you barriers are big or small, real or vividly imagined, self created or dumped on you by another person, you get to decide whether you want to tolerate them or go beyond them. Tolerating them and leaving your barriers exactly as they are means that your present place indicates that you are working in the direction of creating a better life for yourself.

All success in life begins with a decision. And deciding that you are prepared to do whatever it takes to go Around, Under, Through, or Over your barriers is the beginning point of a better and brighter future.

Bananas basically come in five varieties: physical bananas, mental bananas, emotional bananas, economic bananas, and social bananas. Regardless of the kinds of barriers you cling to, the important thing to remember is that when it comews to letting bo of the things that hold you back, resourcefulness rules.

People who posess a high level of resourcefullness will eventually thrive in their lives rather than remain stuck and merely exist. Resourcefulness is the essential ingredient in letting go of limitations and designing a life without roadblocks.

The more you want a better life and the more you adopt the habits of people with fulfilling lives, the more likely you are to have a better life--if you are willing to get into the pain of change and personal growth.

About the author:

Dr. Daniel T. Drubin is the founder of 4th Dimension Management Corporation, specializing in personalized business management and consulting, corporate motivational speaking, and business development. More on the book, Letting Go Of Your Bananas, can be found at www.HatchetteBookGroupUSA.com.

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