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Ladies "Let's Talk"
life, lies, love, & relationships
by Tara Tanksley-Stallings

Let's talk about why women think they need a man to complete them or make them a whole person. Ladies, we have to get out of this fantasy world society has created for us and some women have made for themselves. The daydream that states: if you are not married with two kids and a dog before you turn thirty, you're getting old; or, if you are over thirty-five, you can't have a healthy baby or a good man; along with all the other lies geared toward females, told to make them focus on their age, using it as an excuse for things not going according to plan.

Society has been lying to you. God created our bodies to carry and deliver babies. He has a time established for each woman from her first menstrual cycle until her last. I am not saying there is anything wrong with being married with children by the age of twenty-five. That's great if you are, but if you are not, so what? Who says you have to be?

I want to start from the beginning. God created women to be relational and emotional beings. Because he created us, we as women yearn for relationships--healthy or unhealthy. Women crave lots of attention from the opposite sex. Little girls need to receive healthy love and affection from their fathers. They need their fathers to tell them they are beautiful, important and special, teaching and showing them how a man expresses, loves and cares for a woman (his wife). When this doesn't happen between a father and daughter, and the girl starts to physically mature, the first boy or man that tells her she is pretty and shows her some attention (he starts feeding her emotions that have been starving for the attention from a man) she'll become attached to him emotionally.

Let me say this in defense of the fathers: if a father has not been taught to show healthy love and affection enabling him to teach his daughter how a man should care for and express love to a woman (his wife), he will not know how to do these things. Most men do not know; therefore, they cannot provide what they do not have to give.

What you are taught or not taught (emotionally) from your parents is what you will look for emotionally and relationally as an adolescent and will continue to search for into adulthood. God created us to have a relationship with him first and then with a man, expressing love to one another, mimicking the bond first shared with him.

Fathers should be examples to their daughters showing how a husband and father should act toward his family, as well as appropriate behavior in society. Likewise, mothers should be an example to their sons, demonstrating how a wife and mother should act toward her family and society. God's original plan was tainted when Adam sinned in the Garden of Eden. Throughout history, God's word has gotten twisted and watered down. We just stopped listening to it and started listening to what the world and society said is the gospel. We have allowed society to tell us how to raise our family and live our lives.

Women have lost their self respect and have allowed men, television, music, and music videos to demoralize and exploit us as human beings, and we seem to think it's okay. Well, it's not all right for anyone to call you a degrading name! Women of the nineties and the new millennium woman believe that they can have multiple sexual partners like men have and still demand respect from men and society. You have been told that men and woman are equal (and we are in the eyes of God), but we are not (in the eyes of man and society).

"For a more in depth look at the many questions surrounding the status of women in today's' world and the answers as set forth by Tara Tanksley-Stallings, read the book Ladies "Let's Talk" and you will get a valuable lesson about the life, lies, love & relationships that tend to devalue women in general and leave them vulnerable and emotionally under served. You will also learn how women can take control of their lives, become emotionally strengthened through faith and understanding, and then how women can make positive changes to their lives." By John Roberts

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