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I Am: The Power Within
The Key to Activating Your Passion and Unlocking Your Potential
by Linda Wright

I was raised by an optimistic, scientific father (the epitome of Norman Vincente Peale) and a pessimistic, religious mother (the quintessential Bible thumper). My dad was a calm dreamer and my mom was a nervous, guilt-ridden perfectionist. My dad believed in positive mental attitude, which created the: you can do anything you put your mind to" side of me; and my mom believed in the wrath of God, the "you have no power over anything, so just suffer through it" side of me.

As a child, I was torn, being pulled back and forth in an emotional tug of war. Being continually yanked in two different directions, but trying somehow to believe in everything. If someone asked me what I believed in, I would always answer, "Everything, I believe in everything," and that was not an easy feat. I became a doubting optimist, a cautious dreamer and a guarded risk taker; simply put a "limited visionary with a bad attitude."

I really knew I could do anything I put my mind to; I just couldn't figure out how to feel good about it, and more importantly, how to hold on to it. I didn't know it then, but all I had to do was change the way I was looking at things.

I had to drop the old world religion, which only served to scare me, and find a new way to have some faith without all the fear. I had had to find a means by which I could start thinking of my energy source a little differently, without picturing Him as this giant terrorist in the sky. I had to lose the frightening image that I had in my head of this angry old man, pointing His finger at me in condemnation! I wanted to find a kinder, gentler way to get back to my power supply. I needed to discover a means of charging my batteries without feeling unworthy and guilty. In a nutshell, I found God without the guilt.

I was blasting through my life at warp speed believing "I could do anything" but sub-consciously feeling "undeserving of success," because it didn't go along with my mixed "you can but you shouldn't" upbringing. I attracted some pretty great things into my life, only to watch them fade away time and time again.

I always believed that there would be just enough, and there always was just barely enough. I always landed on my feet every time I fell; the key was to figure out how to stop setting myself up to fall. I was a mountain of potential but would fail the very moment I stopped believing I would succeed. I would attract really good stuff into my life and then somehow repel it right back out. I was a visionary, creating my dreams but always ready to wake up and watch them disappear. I had to figure out a way to stop this continual cycle and finally find some inner peace.

I had to realize that I wasn't the sole creator of my successes but that I was, however, solely enabling my failures. My life became a series of extremely big successes, as well as huge failures. I made and lost my first million by the time I was forty (thirty-eight to be exact). I didn't realize until much later that I was actually creating this "Even Steven" existence.

I somehow would up developing a belief system where I would always wind up in the middle and just break even. I didn't believe in luck, knew coincidence didn't exist, and finally had to take a deep look into what was happening to me. What powerful force was out to get me? Could it be my own feelings? My own thoughts, are you kidding me? Am I doing all of this terrible stuff to myself just by focusing all of my energy on worry?

I AM: The Power Within is an extraordinary book that explains in depth how worry, fear, and negative thinking and emotions create roadblocks in your life that keep you from reaching your full potential. Through faith and prayer, you can change the way you live and turn failures into successes.


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