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Freedom From Debt

A Simple Guide
by Es Westmoreland

"Do you find yourself under more debt than you can deal with? Or is your income scarcely adequate to cover your bills? Do you keep promising to change how you spend money, but don't know how?

Wherever you are financially, God wants to provide for you. Let author Es Westmoreland show you. With scripture after scripture, she shows you exactly what the Bible says about finances, giving, and divine provision. Whether you are struggling with seemingly insurmountable debts or simply trying to get out from under school loans, Freedom from Debt gives you the tools you need to build a strong financial foundation. Learn how to:

  • Create and manage a sustainable savings account.

  • Create a monthly budget that accounts for bills, entertainment, and giving

  • Successfully manage multiple debts

  • Encourage better spending habits and manage wayward expenses

  • And much more!

Freedom from Debt gives you the information you need to reform destructive spending habits, defeat difficult debts, and trust in God to bless you as you adopt biblical financial principles. Don't be a slave to debt and poor budgeting skills. Learn godly principles for debt management and be free from debt today!"

About the author:

Es Westmoreland grew up in a very small town in Michigan. She earned her executive secretarial degree from Saginaw Business Institute. She has served as youth director and associate pastor at her local church, which she has attended for over twenty-five years.

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