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A Date With Jesus

A Woman's Guide To A Closer Relationship With The Lord
by Carla J. Curtis

"A Date with Jesus is an excellent spiritual tool that will inspire both married and single Christian women with demanding schedules and serve as a gentle reminder of the importance of spending quality time with God on a daily basis in order to live a balanced, fulfilled, and victorious life. Ideal for the busy woman who feels there are not enough hours in the day, A Date with Jesus is an encouraging book that can be read in forty-five minutes or less. Readers will feel like they're having a conversation with a close friend rather than reading a book. Join Carla J. Curtis as she engages readers in her amiable and quick-witted way. If you're not already a fan of Curtis's inspirational writings, after reading A Date with Jesus, you'll surely join the ranks of her loyal readership.

A Date With Jesus is a roadmap emphasizing the ned for a daily walk with our Lord and Savior. Carla J. Curtis has written a book that both singles and married folks can read and discuss." ~Sheila M. Goss~

About the author:

Carla J. Curtis is a freelance writer, gifted speaker, and the author of A single Woman's Parenting Journey: Survival Tidbits and Grip The Rope: Prayers for single Mothers. Carla has developed a loyal readership as an inspirational author and has a deep passion to encourage and inspire others from all walks of life. Carla holds a B.S. in management and a M.S. in managerial leadership from National Louis-University and currently resides in a northwest suburb of Chicago, Illinois.

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