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by John M. Roberts

Question: What are Property Tax Liens?

Answer: Property tax liens are liens that are attached to property by county, state or federal jurisdictions to collect a debt for failure to pay taxes owed on real property.

Question: What are property taxes?

Answer: Property taxes are levy's used by local, state and federal jurisdictions to pay for schools and public works projects such as street and road maintenance, sewer systems and parks.

Question: Can my property be put in foreclosure if I have a tax lien on it?

Answer: Yes, but it is not called a foreclosure, it is called a Tax Sale. Yet, the results are the same. Your property can be taken from you and sold for non-payment of taxes.

Question: Can I prevent my property from going to a tax sale?

Answer: Yes. You must pay all property taxes that are delinquent and any penalties that have been added.

Question: How is the amount of property taxes determined?

Answer: Property taxes are determined by it's assessed value, land use classification and improvements. It can be residential, commercial, industrial or farm land.

Question: How often are property taxes due?

Answer: Property taxes are due yearly but most counties send out tax bills every six months.

Question: Can my taxes be paid in my monthly mortgage payment?

Answer: Yes. Most mortgage companies, banks and savings and loans, if requested in writing, will set up an impound account, collect your property taxes, and pay them for you.

Your yearly property tax bill is divided into twelve equal payments and then added to your monthly mortgage payment.

With VA and FHA loans, your property taxes and insurance are automatically impounded.

Some people like this approach because they don't have to worry about paying the taxes themselves.

However, others had rather pay their own taxes once or twice a year because when your taxes are impounded, it raises your monthly payments by that amount each month.

Question: If I don't owe anything on my property, do I still have to pay property taxes.

Answer, Yes. If there is no mortgage on the property, property taxes still have to be paid.

Question: If I am a senior citizen, do I have to pay property taxes?

Answer: Yes, but you should check with the County Assessor's Office in the county in which you live because some counties offer programs designed to help the elderly with their property taxes.

This is intended for general information so call or visit your County Tax Assessor's office if you have further questions about your property taxes.

About the Author

This article is provided by John M. Roberts of John Roberts Realty located in Moreno Valley, California. He can be reached at jrobertsrealty@ yahoo.com



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