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A list of holidays, events, and special dates in the month of February.

Scholarships For College Tuition: Click here for a list of scholarships that are offered in your state.

Starting A Business: If you want your business to succeed, it has to stand out in the minds of potential customers. The best way to attract attention is by branding it in a way that people automatically think of it when they need a service or products. Branding is a way of putting your company on a high level of ........


Social Security: The earliest you can start receiving Social Security retirement benefits is 62. If you delay your retirement benefits until after full retirement age, you also may be eligible for delayed retirement credits that would increase your monthly benefit. If you decide to delay your retirement, be sure to sign up for........


Credit and Debt: Credit checks are requested by banks, lenders, and other creditors to see if there are negative items in your file. The more negative items you have, the less your chances of credit will be. Creditors look for stability and reliability in an applicant. A steady source of income will receive a high score, but even more important than an ........


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Costly Errors On Your Tax Returns

A mistake on your tax returns may cost you dearly and become a reason for an IRS audit.

When preparing your tax returns, whether you pay a professional tax consultant or prepare them yourself, you should review them thoroughly before submitting them to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). There are certain mistakes that are commonly made that can cost tax payers dearly in terms of money and time.

Listed below are some of the errors people make when filing their tax returns, especially when they are rushing to meet the filing deadline.

  • Incorrect Social Security Number...The IRS can deny your claims if it can't verify the information that you provide. Your Social Security Number should correspond with all reported income as well as with all the deductions and credits you claim.

  • Incorrect Names...If there has been a name change since the last time you filed, you should contact your local Social Security Administration office to make the........


"I don't argue or cause drama. I walk away. You may call me a coward, but I'm the smart one."
~Alvaretta Roberts~


The Whole Family Should Get Involved

Saving money should be a family affair.

You, your spouse, your children, and anyone else living in your household should start saving money. It's great for your financial health and a valuable learning experience for your children.

Make saving a goal for everyone and hold them to it. By involving the whole family, it can be fun and enjoyable. Not only will your children get excited about it, it will give you the impetus to make and meet savings goals of your own.

Most of us know that we should start saving as early in life as possible but saving money isn't always that easy. It's not that we don't want to save but we may have extenuating circumstances that may make saving money very difficult.

For example, many people are out of work due to layoffs and a tight job market. Some can only find part time work while others are working but making minimum wage or less. In many areas, the cost of living is........


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"Never let anyone convince you that you can't do something when deep down inside, you know you can do it."
~Devyani R. Sharma~


How GPS Is Changing Technology, Culture, and Our MindsTo Do What Your Competitors Can't
by Greg Milner

Location, Location, Location

Finding that path is precisely what journalist Greg Milner does in his remarkably engaging book Pinpoint: How GPS Is Changing Technology, Culture, and Our Minds, which takes what might seem to be a mundane subject — the Global Positioning System — and uses it to tell an intricate story about the relationship between technology, the economy, and human ability. GPS, like many other technologies we use today, was built by the U.S. Defense Department. It was conceived as a tool to make military targeting, and in particular bombing, more effective and efficient. In Milner’s words, GPS was invented by those who wanted to “bring death from above.” The U.S. government maintains GPS to this day, which means that, as Milner writes, “when an ISIS terrorist gets a GPS reading, the process is enabled by the United States military.”

GPS was released for civilian use in the 1980s (the U.S. government originally maintained two versions of the system, with civilians using a more degraded and less accurate version, but the distinction was erased in 2000). But it wasn’t until the emergence of the Internet and widespread mobile connectivity that the true value of GPS emerged. Nowadays, it allows companies such as UPS and FedEx to route packages far more efficiently; enables planes to land more safely; abets precision agriculture, in which automated tractors are able to perfectly till, sow, and harvest fields; places personal navigation systems in cars; and facilitates the tracking of criminals and terrorists. And now, with Pokémon Go, it allows people to chase virtual creatures through the real world, in the most vivid example yet of augmented reality.

As Milner shows, though, the same things that make GPS so enormously valuable also make it dangerous. Because the state can track criminals and terrorists, it can also track any citizen with a smartphone. Our reliance on GPS makes us vulnerable to anything that could disrupt the........



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