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Quotes that inspire and motivate

A list of holidays, events, and special dates in the month of August.

Scholarships For College Tuition: Click here for a list of scholarships that are offered in your state.

Starting A Business: The best way to succeed in business is to plan, plan, plan, and then work your plan. Strategic planning can make all the difference between success and failure in both short term and long term business models. A good plan is esssential regardless to what the challenges are. Before starting a business, you should........


Social Security: What makes the way you approach taking your Social Security benefits so risky is that there are so many choices to consider and once to make a decision, you don't get the opportunity to change your mind at a later date. This is significant because the way you take your benefits today may not be good for you if........


Credit and Debt: If you're thinking about using a debt consolidation or debt settlement service to help you get out of debt faster and save money on your monthly payments, make sure you do your homework before........


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Taking Social Security Benefits Early

It's a smart move for some but not so for others.

Not everyone is in the position to wait until full retirement age to start collecting their Social Security benefits. It's not because they are being greedy or not smart enough to know better, but the decision is made because they need the money now. Those who propose that people wait until full retirement age are not wrong by any means and the points they make for their arguments are right, but not right for everyone. Many people are simply not able to wait.

Their circumstances may dictate that taking their benefits at age 62 instead of waiting until they are 66 or 70 is the right thing for them and taking them as early as possible is a smart decision on their part.

Some people just didn't have sufficient incomes during their working years and didn't invest a lot into the Social Security program. Many were in business for themselves and didn't save enough to retire on or didn't........

"We must have a theme, a goal, a purpose in our lives. If you don't know where you're aiming, you don't have a goal."
~Mary Kay Ash~


Antiques and Collectibles

That old junk in the attic may be worth a lot of money.

Buying and selling, or collecting antiques for your own personal pleasure can be very rewarding and a lot of fun. In almost every city, large or small, antique shops can be found along streets and highways and in malls and shopping centers.

The antique business has always been around but with the popularity of the television series The Antiques Roadshow, the interest in antiques and collectibles has skyrocketed. On a recent episode of the show, a lady brought in a collection of baseball cards that dated back to the 1800's. It had been in the family for generations. To her surprise, the collection was valued at over $1,000,000.

Since antiques and collectibles can be almost anything, things that appear worthless or mundane to you may have a lot of value to someone else, and vice versa. The most valuable items may depend on how old they are or how rare they are, how they were made, who made them, and the material they were made of, or who wants them.

Antiques can be found at garage sales, warehouse liquidation sales, and most importantly, around your own home. Sometimes, a look in the attic or the........


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"The first step to getting the things you want out of life is this: Decide what you want."
~Ben Stein~


Be Obsessed Or Be Average

Whether you're a sales person, small business owner, or 9-to-5 working stiff, your path to happiness runs though your obsessions.
by Grant Cardone

From the millionaire entrepreneur and New York Times bestselling author of The 10X Rule comes a bold and contrarian wake-up call for anyone truly ready for success. One of the 7 best motivational books of 2016, according to Inc. Magazine.

Before Grant Cardone built five successful companies (and counting), became a multimillionaire, and wrote bestselling books... he was broke, jobless, and drug-addicted.

Grant had grown up with big dreams, but friends and family told him to be more reasonable and less demanding. If he played by the rules, they said, he could enjoy everyone else's version of middle class success. But when he tried it their way, he hit rock bottom.

Then he tried the opposite approach. He said NO to the haters and naysayers and said YES to his burning, outrageous, animal obsession. He reclaimed his obsession with wanting to be a ........




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