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Quotes: A list of quotes that are intended to help inspire you, motivate you, and help you create a positive outlook in your life.

Holidays: A list of holidays, events, and special dates that take place in the month of January.

Scholarships For College Tuition: Click here for a list of scholarships that are offered in your state.

Starting A Business: More women than ever before are grabbing the reins and starting their own businesses. The number of women-owned small businesses is growing approximately twice as quickly as the national average for........


Social Security: Can a divorced person recieve Survivors Benefits? Yes, even if divorced and remarried. An ex-spouse is eligeble for benefits when you die. What must an ex-spouse do to qualify for Survivor Benefits? The exspouse must........


Credit and Debt: Debt relief, as it implies, may not exist in the sense that we are led to believe. It is not a total forgiveness of debt. What debt relief does do is give the means to work your way out of debt over a period of time. Debt relief is defined as........


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Celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr. Day


Choosing When To Retire

An Excerpt from the Social Security Administration Pamphlet; Understanding The Benefits

Choosing when to retire is one of the most important decisions you will make in your lifetime. If you choose to retire when you reach full retirement age, you will receive your full retirement benefits. But if you retire before reaching full retirement age, you will receive reduced benefits for the rest of your life.

If you work past your full retirement age, you will get full retirement benefits no matter how much you earn. If you continue working and decide not to collect your retirement benefits until you reach age 70, you will get higher benefits when you retire. If you choose not to collect retirement benefits before you reach full retirement age, you should be sure to file for Medicare when you reach age 65. If you do not, you may have to pay a higher premium when you file later.

Full Retirement Age: If you were born before 1938, you were eligible for your full Social Security benefits on your 65th birthday. In 2003, the age at which full benefits are payable began to increase........


"Circumstances may cause interruptions and delays, but never lose sight of your goal."
~Mario Andretti~


Internet Job Search

The internet is a valuable tool for people who are looking for a job.

The internet has become a valuable tool for those seeking employment opportunities while providing leads to literally thousands of positions worldwide. There are many employment related web sites on the internet that can assist in locating potential employment through job databases so it may be to your benefit to visit more than one site.

Many provide resources to help with the application process and give information on how to advance in different career paths. Corporate web sites are designed to give information about the company and offer useful tidbits of data about the corporations goals, it's leadership, open positions, salaries, and answer questions about why you may want to apply for a job there.

The internet gives you the means of submitting your resume without leaving the comfort of your home or office which saves both you and the company time and........


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"If you don't like the fruits you are growing, then change the seeds you are sowing."
~Anonymous Author~


All You Need To Know About The Music Business

Up to date on new business models including music streaming services
~by Donald Passman~

“The industry bible” (Los Angeles Times), now updated, essential for anyone in the music business—musicians, songwriters, lawyers, agents, promoters, publishers, executives, and managers—trying to navigate the rapid transformation of the industry.

For more than twenty years, All You Need to Know About the Music Business has been universally regarded as the definitive guide to the music industry. Now in its ninth edition, this latest edition leads novices and experts alike through the crucial, up-to-the-minute information on the industry’s major changes in response to today’s rapid technological advances and uncertain economy.

Whether you are—or aspire to be—a performer, writer, or executive, veteran music lawyer Donald Passman’s comprehensive guide is an indispensable tool. He offers timely, authoritative information from how to select and hire a winning team of advisors and structure their commissions and fees; navigate the ins and outs of record deals, songwriting, publishing, and copyrights; maximize concert, touring, and merchandising deals; understand the digital streaming services; and how to take a comprehensive look at........





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