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Scholarships For College Tuition: Click here for a list of scholarships that are offered in your state.

Starting a Business: The most important aspect of any successful business is cultivating and maintaining customer loyalty. When customers feel........

Grants For College:
Getting a college education is very expensive. Click here for a list of grants that can help you pay your tuition costs.

Social Security: Social Security Goes All Electronic: Federal benefits now paid by direct deposit or prepaid debit card. Paying benefits electronically is safer, faster, and more........

Credit and Debt: It is very important to pay attention to what is happening with your money because if you don't, you may end up with financial problems such as........


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Can My Social Security Payments Be Garnished?

Both federal and state laws have been passed to protect Social Security benefits from being garnished by creditors.

Social Security payments are generally exempt from garnishment by companies or individuals who are trying to collect on an outstanding debt. This is very important, especially for retirees on a fixed income, because if a creditor wins a court ordered judgment against you, the creditor can partition the court to have your bank accounts, salary, and/or other assets garnished.

If your bank is ordered to withhold money from your account, there are laws that are set in place to protect your Social Security income. Your bank must check to see if any deposits were made by Social Security or from other federal entities such as veteran's benefits, supplemental security income, railroad retirement benefits, federal employee retirement benefits, civil service retirement benefits and income from other protected sources.

In most instances, your Social Security benefits are protected, but the federal government can attach Social Security and other federally paid benefits for delinquent income taxes, child support, alimony and spousal support, student loans, certain civil penalties, and delinquent debts owed to the government.

Delinquent taxes are a big concern. The IRS can take up to 15% of your Social Security benefits to pay delinquent taxes. Social Security payments to children and certain disabled persons are not subject to an IRS levy.

In May 2011, federal laws were put in place that require banks to protect up to the prior two months of Social Security benefits that are........


"By developing your discipline and your courage, you can refuse to let other people's mood swings govern your financial destiny. In the end, how your investments behave is much less important than how you behave."
~Benjamin Graham~


Qualifying For A Home Loan

Things that could hurt your chances of being approved for a mortage.

If you don't already know, home loans are not as easy to qualify for as they were just a few years ago. Lax underwriting, stated income, no money down and high debt ratios are no longer allowed, and borrowers with credit problems are finding it hard to get a home loan.

Rules and regulations have been set up to hold lenders accountable for the loans they make forcing banks and mortgage companies to take a harder look at the ability of borrowers to repay mortgage debt.

You can help yourself when you decide to buy a home by paying attention to things that may derail your chances of getting a home loan. Listed below are a few tips that can bolster your qualifying experience.

1. Make sure you pay your bills on time. Late payment will throw up red flags about your ability to make your mortgage payments on time and may cause a lender to put your loan on hold.

2. Never buy big ticket items like a new car, boat, motorcycle, expensive jewelry, washers and dryers, or anything of high value just before you decide to buy your home, or more importantly, during the time your loan is being processed.

3. Don't increase your credit card limits or make........


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Definition of the week...What is a Revocable Living Trust?


Congratulations 2015 NBA Champions Golden State Warriors

The National Basketball Association (NBA) is a professional basketball league with franchises located in major metropolitan areas in the United States and Canada. During preseason, games are sometimes played in cities outside North America.

Today, there are 30 teams in the NBA which is divided into two conferences, the east and the west. Each conference has three divisions and each division has........


"Problems do not go away. They must be worked through or else they remain, forever a barrier to the growth and development of the spirit."
~M. Scott Peck~


The Gender Impact
of Social Security Reform

The looming social security crisis is especially dire for women....
by Estelle James, Alejandra Cox Edwards and Rebeca Wongy Robert Allen

As populations age and revenues diminish, government and private pension funds around the world are facing insolvency. The looming social security crisis is especially dire for women, who live longer than men but have worked less in the formal labor force.

This groundbreaking study examines alternative social security systems and their disparate impacts on men and women. Emphasis is placed on the new multi-pillar systems that combine a publicly managed benefit and a mandatory private retirement saving plan.

The Gender Impact of Social Security Reform compares the gendered outcomes of social security systems in Chile, Argentina, and Mexico, and presents empirical findings from Eastern and Central European transition economies as well as several OECD countries.

Women’s positions have improved relative to men in countries where joint pensions have been required, widows who have worked can keep the joint pension in addition to their own benefit, the public benefit has been targeted toward low earners, and women’s retirement age has been raised to........



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