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Starting A Business: Making money and making a profit are two totally different things. There is a big difference. You can make a lot of money, but if all the money is spent paying creditors and overhead, there will be no profit. And when there is no........


Social Security: What is Supplemental Security Income? Supplemental Security Income is monthly payments made to people with low income or few assets. It is called SSI but it does not come from Social Security Taxes or the........


Credit and Debt: Who has access to your credit report? Not everyone has a right to view your credit history, and those who have a need to look at it must get your permission first. Your credit report can be accessed by individuals and companies that have a ........


Book of the Month




Leaders, Followers, And Those Who Stand Alone

Every leader is unique in his or her own way, yet, they all possess many of the same qualities.

In the business world, there are followers, leaders, and those who stand alone. Each category is based on who is doing the leading and what his or her goals are. Regardless of the style, what the leader tries accomplish permeates through the rank and file of the employees and the effects reach well into the heart and soul of the company.

Every leader is unique in his or her own way, yet, they all possess many of the same qualities. Even being, they may be totally different in their management styles and may have different visions of how they want their company to operate. Each can trace their business philosophies, skills, and leadership abilities back to their adolescent years, their family ties, their past and current lifestyles, their personalities, temperments, and the many events that helped shape their lives. How they think, act, and react to the many pressures of life in the business world is crucial to the success of their company.

As we all know very well, the pressures of life start at a very early age. We call them learning experiences. What we take away from each experience helps mold the way we think and make decisions. And above all, how leaders look at themselves is also very important. To be an effective leader, one has to know and understand how he or she fits into the world of business, not as others see them, but as they see themselves.

Who are the leaders? They are the ones who are willing to take charge of situations and are not shy about being in the forefront. The exude strong personalities and don't flinch under pressure. They know where they are going and they know how to get others to follow. In business, the leaders tend to be the ones who set market trends. They are out front in the development of new technologies, products, and ideas , thereby taking the lead in determining.........


"Before you begin climbing that ladder of success, make sure it’s leaning towards the window of opportunity you desire."
~Tracy Brinkman~


Making A Profit

In order to maintain a viable business, a company must produce a profit.

Profit is the advantage or gain, benefits or the excess of returns over outlays or expenditures. It is the return from the use of capital after deducting the amount paid for raw materials and for wages, rent, interest, and other costs. In simpler terms, profit is what is left of earnings after the payment of all expenses.

In an economic system, profit is derived from the buying and selling of goods and services whereby those goods and services are produced at a cost less than what a buyer is willing to pay for them. If costs and expenses are calculated to be more than income, it results in a loss.

  • The rewards gained by an entrepreneur for taking risks is called pure profits.

  • The gain of profits that exceed normal expectations, usually caused by unforeseen events, is called windfall profits.

Profits are calculated as an excess of total income earned within a specific amount of time after subtracting costs and the expense of doing business during that period.

  • Gross profit: The excess of receipts from sales of goods and services over expenditures for production or purchase.

  • Net profit: The surplus remaining after all necessary deductions such as interest, bad debt, and other costs are subtracted from gross profits.

In order to maintain a viable business, a company must produce a profit. Profits provide the funds for maintaining business functions and is........


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"You can't connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something - your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. This approach has never let me down, and it has made all the difference in my life."
~Steve Jobs~


The New Color of Success:

Twenty Young Black Millionaires Tell You How They're Making It
by Niki Butle Mitchell

Today, black entrepreneurs are starting businesses in record numbers and filling the boardrooms of some of the most dynamic companies in the United States. They are builders, writers, and CEO's. They're pilots, producers, and presidents. They're businesspeople who inherited nothing from their families but a willingness to work hard and to think big.

In The New Color of Success, you'll meet more than 20 young black millionaires who are living the American Dream—and changing forever the face of business in America. Author Niki Butler Mitchell digs into the lives of these talented entrepreneurs to uncover the secrets of their success.

You'll discover what their childhoods were like, the effect education had on their lives, who their role models are, and how they achieved their dreams. You'll meet extraordinary achievers such as:

Robin Petgrave, whose $4 million flight-training school and helicopter tour service began with $300 and a telephone.

Yvette Lee Bowser, producer of the hit television comedy Living Single and head of her own highly successful production company, SisterLee Productions.

Daymond John, J. Alexander Martin, Carl Brown, and Keith Perrin, the founders of the $350 million........





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